Did you miss Eversight and Raley’s at NRF 2020? Catch Up Here: Learn More

Did you miss NRF 2020? Catch Up Here: Learn More

People of Eversight – Justin Tieu

Accomplished Software Engineer. Growth Hacker. Gamer.

Meet Justin Tieu, Software Engineer at Eversight.

Justin’s work as an engineer at Eversight covers a little bit of everything, but he spends most of his time working on new features within Eversight’s software. He coordinates closely with Lynn Murphy and the rest of our User Interface team to improve the interface architecture, solve bugs, and figure out key next steps that will enhance the user experience and keep Eversight on the cutting edge.

Justin can often be found building out new features for Eversight’s Offer Innovation and Retail Pricing apps, or working on the underlying architecture of the User Interface. Lately he’s been working with VP of Engineering Kevin Hsieh and the Offer Innovation team to better understand our business logic as he transitions into a full stack engineering role, building features on his own. In addition to growing Eversight’s UI, one of his side projects is growth hacking on Instagram; essentially understanding how to extend reach to new users and ultimately receive more likes and followers. He often spends time on Quora interacting with fellow engineers and growth hackers, reading or answering questions, and exploring new crazy ideas that his brain comes up with. He even built his own website!

Justin gives everything he works on the maximum effort – he was the President of San Jose State University’s table tennis club, he recently came in 3rdin Eversight’s Palo Alto Mario Kart tournament, and lately he’s been competing to be the office’s top Super Smash Brothers player (it’s a five way tie). He enjoys spending time with his wife and two dogs, playing tug of war or letting the dogs run off-leash.

From elevating Eversight’s UI to crushing it in Super Smash, Justin is always giving it his all and finding ways to improve.

If you’d like to work with a team of awesome engineers like Justin, check out the open positions on our Careers Page.