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People of Eversight – Kelly Peters

Superior Sales Rep. Event Planner. Animal Lover.

Meet Kelly Peters, VP of CPG Sales at Eversight.

Being a Vice President of Sales requires a lot of multitasking, so Kelly is a perfect fit! She is a self-proclaimed busy body that can’t sit still or do one thing at a time, and sales involves keeping a lot of balls in the air at once. She is often managing renewals, moving new deals and relationships forward, handling objections, or strategizing around roadblocks to get positive momentum.

“Working here is challenging in that there is a lot of learning and implementing in different ways, along with the goal being to delight our clients and grow with them.”

An ever-evolving base of clients in various stages means Kelly tackles a different ‘To-Do’ list every day. She spends a lot of her time on calls, ranging from prospect meetings to client meetings to speaking to peers internally to plan and strategize. And each of those meetings requires important prep ahead of time, like spending time on LinkedIn to make connections or on Salesforce for documentation and planning. While she originally thought she’d be an event planner, there is a lot of follow-up involved in sales to keep things on track, so Kelly’s organizational skills are essential to her success.

Lately Kelly has been exercising her passion for events by shopping for and planning her upcoming wedding this September! With so much going on, she’s also just been exercising for mental clarity and stress management. While she’s always been passionate about strength training for long-term health and for the challenge of trying to increase her heavy core lifts, she recently took up tennis after years away from the game.

And since Kelly likes her schedule as full-bodied as she likes her red wine, when she’s not crushing it at Eversight, planning her wedding, or playing tennis, Kelly spends her spare time working with animals through a local Chicago charity called One Tail at a Time. That’s where she recently found and adopted her German Short-Haired Pointer, Finnegan! Whether it’s the onboarding process for a new client or the lives of stray animals in inner-city Chicago, Kelly is always working to organize and improve in a constant effort to make things better.

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