Join us for Revenue Roundup April 15 – 17, 2020 Learn More

Join us for Revenue Roundup April 15 – 17, 2020 Learn More

People of Eversight – Taylor Wilson

Visionary CS Leader. World Traveler. Volunteer.

Meet Taylor Wilson, Senior Customer Success Manager at Eversight.

A lot of Taylor’s job entails creating a broader vision for clients around what Eversight can deliver, determining the right steps to implement to successfully transition them from where they start with Eversight to where they want to be. She focuses on guiding customers on positioning Eversight as a leading technology within their business, aligning their teams and driving their objectives, and effectively bringing sales and category management into the fold. She is currently working with one of her customers to expand their Eversight partnership into international markets, a challenging, all-hands-on-deck experience that has produced significant learnings on what it takes to scale globally.

In addition to focusing on how to deliver value to Eversight’s customers, Taylor also takes a keen interest in contributing to the well-rounded culture at Eversight. She is the social coordinator for our Chicago office, recently exercising her passion for Chicago sports by getting the team to a Cubs game. She is also the Eversight for Good chair in Chicago, coordinating with local organizations throughout the year to plan volunteer events for the office. Outside of Eversight,  Taylor serves as the Vice President on the Rolfe Pancreatic Cancer Foundation’s Young Professionals Board, whose mission is to raise awareness of  the importance of early detection research for pancreatic cancer.

In case you haven’t picked up on it – Taylor loves to be active. And her drive isn’t exclusive to the office; she does everything at 110%. She’s always been a running enthusiast, and lately she’s taken up Orange Theory and cycling. She loves cooking, and right now she’s focused on perfecting the staples (like homemade pasta!). Good food is made better by good wine, and her passion for both led her to explore the Leelanau Peninsula wine region in Michigan this summer. She’s also a dog person, and recently signed up to be Rover’s newest sitter – giving her a perfect way to spend time with dogs until she can get one of her own. Tired yet? Somehow she isn’t!

Whether she’s breaking new ground with Eversight customers, bringing fun activities to Eversight employees, fighting for early detection of Pancreatic cancer, or perfecting her palette for wine in cities across the globe…Taylor is a force to be reckoned with.

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