Smart Offer BankTM for Retail

Powered by AI & Experimentation

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Promotions need to work for your shopper’s needs, your brand partners, and your business goals. Yet resource-constrained merchandising teams don’t have the right tools to identify and run the promotions that balance these needs and drive performance week after week.

Think of the Eversight Smart Offer Bank as an accelerator for your merchandising teams. It is an automated, AI-powered promotion experimentation platform that leverages your digital assets for rapid learning and optimization. Your merchants finally get a solution tailored to their needs – empowering them with real-time insights to be more agile, speed time-to-market and enable true collaboration with brand partners.

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Senses market dynamics, analyzes performance and identifies what promotions need to be optimized.
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AI recommends offer variants based on likelihood of success. Automatically generates and formats offers for intelligent experimentation.
Introduces offers to real shoppers through your load-to-card systems, mobile apps, online coupons, and more.
AI automatically identifies winning offers and measures incremental value created.
Builds a smart offer bank by line product or category. Promotions can be either targeted or mass focused.
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Confidently activate new offers in store through circulars, TPRs, loyalty programs, email campaigns and more.

Retailer and Brand Collaboration

Current promotional planning tools manage budgets and calendars, and maybe provide some diagnostics on past performance. What’s missing is what shoppers will find truly compelling – today. With Eversight, you and your brand partners start with a shared view of which promotions work in your competitive environment. Leveraging your digital and in-store platforms, Eversight delivers prescriptive recommendations on which promotions to run – and the insights to enable data-driven joint business planning.

Smart Offer BankTM

Why run stale when you can run smart? The Smart Offer Bank analyzes the effectiveness of promotions running in the market, uses AI to identify potential winning alternatives and “micro-tests” them with your shoppers leveraging your in-store and digital platforms. The result: 10% - 25% higher promotional sales with the same level of investment.

It works for the big mass offers that drive trips. And it works for personalized offers that drive your loyalty program.