Smart, Dynamic Pricing and Targeted Promotions

Powered by AI and Experimentation

10-25% Improvement in Sales Results

Eversight Offer Innovation SuiteTM delivers personalized and engaging promotions

The Offer Innovation Suite changes the game for trade promotion optimization. Instead of looking backwards and analyzing historical results, it optimizes your promotions for today - not this time last year. Revitalize your entire portfolio with promotions proven to work – for your competitive environment and your shoppers. And drive trade strategy with recommendations for setting precise promotion guidelines that maximize ROI. Leading brands are leveraging the Smart Offer Bank to redefine the rules – and expected results – from trade promotions.

The Eversight Pricing SuiteTM enables smarter prices. Merchants are empowered to make faster, better decisions.

You’ve invested in stores and a unique and engaging shopper experience. The problem is that in the digital age, shoppers can access your competitors’ pricing on every item, at any time. How should you respond? Where can you price at a premium without losing volume or trips?

Eversight delivers the answer for pricing and promotions. It is the only solution that brings the power of AI and experimentation to brick and mortar retail to help you compete more effectively.

Eversight works with the world's largest consumer goods companies and retailers.