Smart, Dynamic Pricing and Targeted Promotions

Powered by AI and Experimentation

10-25% Improvement in Sales Results

Eversight Offer Innovation SuiteTM delivers personalized and engaging promotions

Shopper behavior is constantly changing. Promotions are a key part of your value proposition yet shoppers are exposed to small pools of repetitive offers, creating a “sea of sameness.” This “sea of sameness” is further perpetuated by backward looking optimization tools. Meanwhile the pressure to grow topline is greater than ever. With Offer Innovation you can apply agile approaches to breaking this cycle while uncovering the highest performing promotions, continuously.




The Eversight Pricing SuiteTM enables smarter prices. Merchants are empowered to make faster, better decisions.

Pricing is a key part of your value proposition to shoppers, but their expectation are changing. Your competitors’ pricing is becoming more dynamic, and your shoppers can see the price of every item, every minute, almost anywhere. So where, exactly, would your price investments drive the highest value, and how does this change in a dynamic environment?

Eversight delivers the answer for pricing and promotions. It is the only solution that brings the power of AI and experimentation to brick and mortar retail to help you compete more effectively.

Eversight works with the world's largest consumer goods companies and retailers.

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