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About Eversight

Eversight’s mission is to transform pricing and promotions for the $3.4 trillion spent in consumer goods retail.

The Eversight platform brings AI and continuous experimentation to brands and retailers to power pricing and promotions.

Eversight hires the best and brightest talent skilled across the domains of AI, data science, pricing and revenue growth. If you are an experienced technology, retail or consumer goods professional with these skills, please see our careers page.

Team Member Highlights

Kevin Hsieh

VP of Engineering

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Mark Anderson

Customer Success Manager

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Jack Wang

Software Engineer

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Lynn Murphy

Software Engineer

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50 Beale Street, Suite 600,
San Francisco, CA 94105

500 W. Madison Street, 9th Floor, Suite D,
Chicago, IL 60661

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    U.S. +1-650-600-8932
    Canada +1-416-452-8742

Sales: sales@eversightlabs.com

General Info: info@eversightlabs.com