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  • Market Analysis: Factors Shaping Promotion Performance in 2024

    Experimentation doesn’t happen in a vacuum; various factors influence a promotion’s success. This market analysis examines market conditions observed at Eversight by Instacart and how they may be impacting promotion performance in 2024.

  • Eversight and True Elasticity; Better Data, Better Pricing

    Research proves experimentation is the only method for identifying TRUE elasticities and cross-elasticities. Eversight’s experiments show that there have been massive inaccuracies in previous methods.

    Read the report to discover how Eversight’s solutions produce better elasticity data, better pricing decisions, and a better understanding of how your shoppers will react.

  • Understanding Trade: Price, Promo, & the Role of RGM

    As an industry, we often hit ‘copy + paste’ on promotions year over year. As shoppers habituate to that repetition, and as market changes like inflation come into play, those offers simply don’t pack the same punch they once did.

    In this guide, we’ll break down key steps to refreshing your planning and restoring the inherent value of your promotions.

  • Digital Boom, Profitable Growth: Informing Your E-Comm & DTC Strategies

    Navigating retail’s digital evolution in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic may seem like the impossible task, but with a little teamwork – and a little more tech – it doesn’t have to be.

    In this guide, we’ll cover how retailers and CPG companies can combine forces and deploy the technological weapons already at their disposal to take a much smarter approach to aligning their omnichannel strategies for 2022 and beyond.

  • Guidance Best Practices

    At its core, guidance serves as a way to educate the field on the tactics and strategies that work best for their business. It’s a simple idea, but with the right inputs and resources, it has the potential to unlock transformational value across your business.

    Download this guide for best-in-class techniques for building a meaningful guidance program that is simple, sustainable, and set up to deliver explosive value at scale.

  • Building a Successful Revenue Management Team

    The RGM team has become table stakes for business in the 21st century, but building one is easier said than done. So we surveyed over two dozen managers and executives on where they’re at in the journey and what they’ve gotten right so far.

    Now is the time to step back and ask your organization how it should change to take advantage of innovation in the marketplace and respond to ever-evolving shoppers. (Hint: an RGM team is key).

  • Transforming the RFP Process

    The RFP process needs a makeover.

    A modern day RFP, done properly, can make procurement processes more efficient, ensure better quality for products and services, and generally make business more productive.

    So how do you get from the current, cumbersome process to a streamlined, impactful tool?

  • 5 Steps to Long-Term Growth through Innovation

    Find your innovation X factor.

    Retail environments are changing rapidly and to best serve customers the industry needs to look to the future. Whether it’s  retailers driving change in brick-and-mortar stores or manufacturers infusing the promotion process with AI, innovation is a necessity for success.

  • How to Avoid Trade Promotion Decay

    Your promotions will go stale over time. Guaranteed.

    So, how can you develop an effective trade promotion plan when decay is inevitable? The simple answer: real-world experimentation.

  • Retail 2025: The Never-Ending Experiment

    Recent forecasts about the state of retail in 2025 have ranged from rosy to apocalyptic.

    This whitepaper explores strategic paths to success in 2025. Success between now and 2025 will depend on how well a retailer integrates three powerful enablers – technology, talent, and partners – and decides what role it wants to play for its customers. This means that retailers still have the opportunity to write their own futures, but will need to chart their own courses along these paths.

  • FMI + Eversight: Digital Shelf Optimization

    In today’s post-omnichannel world only one thing matters: customers.

    And customer are digital. Given this dynamic, competition in low growth markets is stronger than ever. So, how can you capture shopper attention?