Join us for Revenue Roundup April 15 – 17, 2020 Learn More

Join us for Revenue Roundup April 15 – 17, 2020 Learn More

Offer Innovation

Continuously optimize promotions with AI-powered experimentation.

Category leaders look ahead out the windshield,
not behind out the rear view mirror.

  • Automatically senses when promotions have gone stale
  • AI engines test thousands of offers with real shoppers to uncover better performing promotions
  • Software works as a coach empowering your team to focus their attention toward decisions that matter most

Spend less time analyzing historical data and more time planning for the future.

  • Asset 7

    System automatically senses market dynamics through third party data integrations and AI

  • Machine learning algorithms analyze promotion performance, and prioritize what offers need to be optimized


  • Discount Level
  • Offer Structure
  • Execution Compliance
  • Historical Performance

Invest in promotions that actually disrupt shopper behavior and drive business results.

  • AI engines test thousands of offers with real shoppers to uncover what resonates today, not yesterday

  • System recommends high performing promotions ready to deploy in-store, and through digital channels


  • Sales
  • Margin
  • Volume
  • Households
  • New Product Launch
  • Product Bundles, and More...

Empowers your team to focus their time on the highest value decisions.

  • Software-as-a-coach empowers your team to focus their attention toward the highest impact decisions

  • The system perpetually accumulates intelligence and democratizes knowledge – continually enhancing performance over time


  • Revenue Growth
  • Promotion Guidelines
  • Brand and Retailer Collaboration
  • Speed to Results
  • Competitive Edge
  • Team Effectiveness

Eversight’s solutions bring
brands and retailers together.

  • Secure quick alignment on priorities, using your shopper data as a shared source of truth
  • Work toward common goals with streamlined information and proven performance
  • Continuously uncover and execute mutually beneficial initiatives
Delivering Value

Offer Innovation Customers

Leading Personal Care and Household Company

“We are looking to Eversight to scale our capabilities to the broader business –bringing automation, machine learning and a test and learn approach to our sales strategy and planning process.”

Leading Beverage Manufacturer

“Experimentation on the Eversight platform identified new offers at the same economics as current promotions. The supporting analytics allowed us to deploy in-store quickly and confidently.”
Trade Strategy Manager