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Offer Innovation unlocks revenue growth by continuous testing of untried promotions with your real shoppers. The solution is a Software-as-a-Service “SaaS” platform that can be seamlessly integrated with your existing TPM systems or deployed as a standalone solution. It leverages Advanced Analytics & Diagnostics, AI-Powered Experimentation, and Intelligent Guidance & Tracking to unlock promotion performance at scale.

The system is designed to continually improve business performance.

Revenue Growth Performance Solution

Eversight Offer Innovation is designed for use by revenue management, sales, trade marketing, and shopper teams. Eversight unlocks transformative advantage by harmonizing disparate data sources; uncovering offers that resonate with shoppers now, and by turning insights into consistent action. Users are empowered to continuously improve business performance via an intuitive workflow.

  1. Advanced Analytics & Diagnostics
  2. AI-Powered Experimentation
  3. Intelligent Guidance & Tracking

1. Make Sense of Disjointed Data

Offer Innovation consolidates multiple datasets in a single, tailored view of your promotional landscape so you can focus on the issues at hand instead of sifting through disparate data sources. The system coaches users toward high impact opportunities to improve promotional performance. Eversight has existing partnerships with key data suppliers and will work with you to integrate your own proprietary datasets as needed.

Advanced Analytics & Diagnostics

  • Harmonizes disparate data sources

  • Intuitively visualizes the full promotional landscape

  • Coaches users on opportunities to improve performance

2. Uncover Current Shopper Behavior

Stop relying on stale data to guess what shoppers want today and instead leverage real-time testing to know which promotional offers resonate with shoppers now. The AI-engine automatically fields sets of statistically balanced experiments with your real shoppers to uncover higher performing permutations of offers that drive toward business objectives.

AI-Powered Experimentation

  • Uncovers offers that resonate with shoppers today

  • Recommends offers that drive toward specific business goals

  • Generates clean and current data

How an Experiment Works

AI-Powered Experimentation happens continuously at scale. Small groups of your real shoppers get to pick and redeem real offers so you can learn what resonates with them.

3. Turn Insights into Consistent Action

Centralizes promotional guidance so teams have easy access to clear direction on what to do, and then automatically tracks what happens in-market. Offers accumulate in a Smart Offer Bank for timely execution. Precise Promotion Guidelines systematize the creation, distribution and tracking of guidelines.

Intelligent Guidance & Tracking

  • Continuously recommends higher performing offers across the full promotional landscape

  • Executes optimized plan via HQ-directed guidelines at scale

  • Tracks and flags issues with promotional guideline execution

Learn more about how Eversight Offer Innovation is transforming the Grocery landscape.

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  • “We are looking to Eversight to scale our capabilities to the broader business – bringing automation, machine learning and a test and learn approach to our Sales Strategy and Planning process.”
    SVP GM Leading Personal Care and Household Company
  • "Eversight is so much more than a technology partner to our business.Eversight is the absolute foundation of our Revenue Management Strategy”
    Chief Retail Sales Officer Leading Beverage Manufacturer

Leveraging AI-Powered Experimentation to Optimize, Execute, and Track Promotions

Eversight’s David Moran and Kerry Farrell take a deep dive into the software and discuss how Offer Innovation is driving value for leading CPGs

Empower HQ and Field Teams to Execute on Strategic Insight to Capture Growth

Eversight’s Kerry Farrell discusses Offer Innovation and advances in revenue management capability with Mars Pet.

A Transformational Advance in TPM/TPO Capability

Eversight-TPM Integration: Leading Class Solution for the Planning, Execution, and Settlement of Promotions

Offer Innovation can be deployed as a standalone tool or it can be integrated with existing TPM capabilities.

Purpose Built for Consumer Goods

  • No prerequisite systems required – start from where you are today

  • Deploy as a standalone tool or integrate with your existing TPM/TPO capabilities

  • Get started with AI-Powered experimentation within two weeks

  • Say goodbye to time consuming consulting projects and expensive modeling refresh fees

Learn More About Eversight Offer Innovation

This is the most common question we get asked every day at Eversight. While there are numerous factors that can make or break your promotional strategy, there is one truth we have learned…

All promotions are at risk of becoming less effective over time. That’s right. Every single promotion. Not only is it inevitable, the loss of effectiveness begins right away.