How It Works

Behavioral economics has proven that shoppers are driven by a variety of social, emotional, and cognitive influences. Which makes identifying the right promotion incredibly complicated. Experimentation is the only proven method to capture these individual - and often "irrational" - responses.
The Eversight AI platform is continuously learning and updating based on real shopper behavior to accurately reflect today's reality.
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Senses market dynamics, analyzes promotion performance and identifies what offers need to be optimized.
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AI recommends offer variants based on likelihood of success. Automatically generates and formats offers for intelligent experimentation.
Dynamically tests offers with real shoppers through the Eversight Testing Network of retailer load-to-card systems, mobile apps, online coupons, social platforms and more.
AI identifies winning offers and measures incremental value created.
Builds a smart offer bank of promotions that can be used to inform precision promotion guidelines by customer, market and geography.
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Confidently activate new offers in store through circulars, TPRs, loyalty programs, email campaigns and more.
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Tracks in-market performance of promotions and compliance with guidelines and allows for comparison against the competition.

How Your Team Works with the Platform

The Eversight Offer Innovation Suite acts as software-as-a-coach for your organization by providing a data-driven foundation for collaboration and decision support across functions. The Offer Innovation Suite identifies opportunities and measures outcomes at a massively larger scale than the human brain or spreadsheets could ever do and then informs and coaches the business user on what actions need to be taken.

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  • Clearly identify volume driving opportunities and trade spend efficiency gains to help achieve revenue goals

  • Improve collaboration and the impact of promotional guidance with the Sales Organization

  • Create strategic and precision promotion guidelines (by brand, pack, channel, geography and retailer)
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  • Deliver fresh, relevant and engaging promotions to target consumers at shelf, through loyalty assets and other digital mechanisms

  • Address broad promotional questions (by geography, channel, retailer)

  • Support personalization strategy and deliver meaningful promotions to shoppers
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  • Increase net sales with harder working promotional offers while improving collaboration with retail partners

  • Deliver more promoted volume without discounting deeper

  • Improve trade spend efficiency and use the savings for additional events

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  • Track and monitor the efficiency of trade investments

  • Find and close performance gaps across the product portfolio and customers

  • Drive strategic initiatives for personalization and precision promotion guidelines at scale