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Voices From the Market: Building a Successful Revenue Management Team

The RGM team has become table stakes for business in the 21st century. But building one is easier said than done.

Like most complex changes, building an entirely new function within an industry – let alone within an individual organization – is not an overnight process. So we surveyed over two dozen managers and executives on where they’re at in the journey and what they’ve gotten right so far.

This whitepaper outlies the three key stages of growth we’ve identified for an RGM team and the accompanying mindsets and areas of focus common in organizations that are successfully growing their RGM functions:

1. The Start-Up

2. High Growth

3. Established


Every company in the industry should seize the opportunity to step back right now – before the next wave of innovation hits – and ask itself how it should change to take advantage of innovation in the marketplace and respond to ever-evolving shoppers.

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