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Technology In Retail; Dynamic Pricing In Store – One Possible Future

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  • Retail TouchPoints
  • June 2019

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At Eversight we’re big fans of Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs) and their breakthrough capabilities when it comes to digitizing the shelf, but a big dilemma we wonder about is how ESLs will realistically support dynamic pricing in store. Conceivably, someone could pick up an item and have the price change on the tag before they make it to the checkout.

The truth is that right now very few retailers have ESLs in the U.S. market and dynamic pricers like Amazon don’t matter all that much yet, but the biggest concern for us in the shopper experience.

Is it possible we’re not too far from a world where brick and mortar retailers have dynamic pricing on shelf? Absolutely. From a practical standpoint today in consumable categories, it might not be any time soon, but it’s coming. Categories like diapers and pet food where eCommerce penetration could already be 50%+ are likely the canaries of the CPG industry; watch those for an indication of what’s to come for the rest of the store.

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