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CGT Roadmap: The Journey to Trade Promotion Excellence

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  • Consumer Goods
  • August 2018

Consumer Goods and Technology (CGT) recently compiled a roadmap focused on the journey to trade promotion excellence. Eversight Co-Founder and Chairman, David Moran provided his thoughts around how Trade Promotion Management (TPM) practices have stagnated in recent years, and how the industry needs to evolve moving forward.

In a fall 2017 survey 92% of packaged goods executives acknowledged that digital transformation was a business imperative for their organization, yet only 29% of those executives identified trade promotion as a specific “priority area” for change.

“I think the root cause is that most CPGs have historically thought of ‘digital’ as a marketing thing,” says David Moran, co-founder and chairman of Eversight. “With more than 50% of grocery trips touching a digital asset during the path to purchase, this obviously is not something that can be ignored anymore.”

To read the article and full Roadmap visit CGT here.