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Create Precision Promotion Guidelines to Inform All Aspects of CPG Promotions

In a world characterized by digitization, fragmentation, and changing consumer preferences, how can consumer packaged goods companies (CPGs) leverage their promotional investments to best serve their customers and drive business performance at scale?

Enter the Eversight Offer Innovation Suite and Precision Promotion Guidelines. The Offer Innovation Suite acts as software-as-a-coach to CPG organizations by providing a data-driven foundation for collaboration and decision support across functions.

The Offer Innovation Suite identifies opportunities and measures outcomes at a massively larger scale than the human brain or spreadsheets could ever do. The Suite then informs and coaches the business user on what actions need to be taken with respect to promotional planning.

Key benefits:

Leverage digital platforms for an agile test, learn, and scale approach to promotion planning. The Offer Innovation Suite transforms the typically cumbersome annual promotional planning process into an always “on” machine that works to continuously optimize promotional offers. AI and experimentation surface detailed recommendations derived from ongoing testing in the form of Precision Promotion Guidelines. Guidelines outline which offer structure, discount depth, buy quantity and imagery combinations resonate best with shoppers. Eversight’s dynamic approach to optimization creates guidelines that provide sales teams with targeted recommendations throughout the year.

Know what will work tomorrow,instead of focusing on what worked in the past. Offers that excel during the testing process are logged and aggregated to inform promotional guidelines by customer, market, and geography. Furthermore, CPGs aren’t limited by the scope of their testing; insights are bubbled up to themes that can be applied to non-tested retailers, regions, or channels.Sales and Revenue Growth Management teams are able to use these insights to gain much higher influence over what drives business performance, with this intelligence acting as a coach to business associates.

Confidently execute promotional strategies via market sensing capabilities. Eversight’s market sensing capabilities provide visibility across multiple tiers of compliance tracking. Evaluate how specific recommendations on offer structure, discount depth, creative, and ad placement are implemented and ensure that teams are swapping out sub-par offers in favor of top performers. Success is achieved when high-performing offers are transferred to in-store environments and through other promotional execution mechanisms; resulting in improvements in key performance indicators.

Precision Promotion Guidelines arm sales teams with proven recommendations at a more granular level of detail and customer relevance than existing promotional planning processes. Guidelines can inform promotion strategies across brand marketing, shopper marketing, revenue growth management (RGM), and customer sales functions.

CPG customers of Eversight are leveraging the Offer Innovation Suite as a tool to enable transformation in their trade and promotional planning processes. Customers are shifting from annual planning processes where general promotional guidance is provided to field sales – to providing highly targeted promotional guidance that is reflective of offers that resonate with customers, now.

To learn more about how you can empower your organization to radically improve the return on marketing and trade investments, reach out to sales@eversightlabs.com.