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Eversight Access: Eversight by Instacart Launches Right-Size AI-Powered Promotion Optimization

We are excited to introduce Eversight Access, a right-size opportunity for smaller brands looking to optimize their omnichannel promotions in-store, online, and on Instacart. Perfect for brands that to-date have not been able to deploy a full-suite promotion software solution, this newest solution from Eversight by Instacart empowers smaller brands to get their feet wet with AI-powered experimentation at a sustainable scale.

Why optimizing promotions matters

Promotions can play a key role in the success of consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies. Promotions can incentivize consumers to try a new product or brand over their ‘go-to’ buy, or grow the basket as they stock up and save. And with economic conditions still translating directly to retailers’ shelves, customers across income groups are increasingly focused on discounts when grocery shopping.

For CPGs, the key to success is the right promotion — the one that resonates the most with today’s consumer – and there is no history to guide strategy there. This is where promotion optimization comes into play, taking a fundamentally different approach than traditional regression, conjoint, or syndicated data ROI analysis approaches by enabling real-time experimentation directly with today’s consumers.

Unleash the potential of AI-powered experimentation

Eversight’s full scale Offer Innovation solution, on which Eversight Access is predicated, was built on the principles of behavioral economics. More simply, at the core is an AI-engine that tests promotions directly with real consumers, tapping into the idea that how an offer is communicated matters. Trusted by many of the world’s leading consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies to optimize promotions, Eversight’s flagship product has influenced over $80B+ of revenue and been responsible for driving results like 10-25% revenue growth and 2-5% profitability increase.1

Testing promotions with Offer Innovation involves more than discount depths — for example, switching an offer from Buy 1, Get 1 40% Off to Buy 1, Get 1 50% Off — and comparing which offer drives higher consumer engagement. Comprehensive tests consider many distinct elements, such as discount depth, artwork, offer structure, quantity, and claims language. By running experiments on all of these elements, Offer Innovation enables CPGs to understand what constitutes a successful promotion. Using machine learning capabilities, it generates new, exciting offers that are most likely to outperform. Then, it automates the testing of dozens of real offer variations through an experimentation engine directly with real consumers.


These tests uncover in real-time which offers outperform, comparing consumer engagement across offers to determine which are most relevant to today’s consumer. Experiments measure actual consumer engagement, generating new data, rather than leveraging panel data or surveys. By testing permutations of promotions digitally directly with real consumers, CPGs have been able to obtain high-value insights with a relatively low-risk approach.

Real-time testing, real-world results

Brands running experiments via Eversight’s AI-powered experimentation engine can uncover insights into consumer behaviors in real-time, and then empower their teams with Offer Innovation’s suite of tools for in-market execution, including retailer recommendations, promotion playbooks, and in-market execution data. Pairing AI-powered experimentation with in-market execution enables brands to own and execute winning promotions in-store, online, and on Instacart for maximum impact at scale.

The right solution at the right scale

Eversight Access leverages the same AI-powered experimentation as the full-suite Offer Innovation solution, but scaled for smaller brands just getting started in promotion performance management, providing a right-sized solution. It enables CPGs to adjust their promotion strategies in a highly dynamic environment and have confidence in the results.

With Eversight Access, brands can successfully start promotion performance management with limited blocks of six or ten experiments, with up to eight test offers included per experiment, to uncover optimal promotions for a selection of products. The scaled offerings included within Eversight Access have been designed to optimally benefit brands whose product portfolios consist of a limited number of products, often in one or a few product lines. Running six to ten promotion experiments provides valuable insights on the optimal promotions with enough coverage to meaningfully move promotion performance in the short term.

As a streamlined version of Eversight by Instacart’s full experimentation capabilities, Eversight Access can also be implemented quickly and without significant resource investment. This means brands getting started with Eversight Access can begin AI-powered experimentation within weeks.

Additional capacity to grow with demand

Eversight by Instacart’s experimentation provides considerable value for brands looking to optimize their promotion performance with a data-backed approach and modern technology. And the capacity of Eversight Access to run experiments can easily grow with brands looking to run more tests than their initial six or ten — brands can purchase additional packs as needed, or expand to Eversight by Instacart’s full suite of Offer Innovation capabilities.

With this flexibility, brands can optimize and deploy several promotions in-market and later expand to run additional tests, cover more products, or further test and adapt their initial promotions to the complex and changing environment of consumer behavior.

The smarter way to improve promotion performance

Offer Innovation experiments can uncover in real-time the most relevant, optimal offer for today’s consumer. This provides tremendous value using a low-risk, automated approach. Eversight Access provides the streamlined core experimentation functionality of Eversight’s full-suite Offer Innovation solution, in a solution that is quick to get started with, expandable, and sustainable for smaller brands looking to get started with promotion optimization. With real-time, consumer-centric insights, brands can confidently adapt promotions to meet the ever-changing demands of modern consumers. Eversight Access applies the power of AI and automation to drive brands’ businesses forward, taking promotions to the next level in-store, online, and on Instacart with patented, cutting-edge technology. Request a demo to get started today.

1Prior results do not guarantee future outcomes.