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Eversight and Vestcom Partner to Empower Retailers to Take Control with Optimized Pricing and Promotion at the Shelf Edge

  • Press Release
  • Eversight PR
  • November 2018

Links Eversight’s AI-powered pricing intelligence and Vestcom’s shelf-edge communication solutions

Palo Alto, Calif and Little Rock, Ark–November 5, 2018 — Eversight, the leader in AI-driven pricing and promotion software, and Vestcom International, the leading provider of shelf-edge media solutions to the retail and consumer products industry, today announced a strategic partnership to bring pricing intelligence, flexibility, and efficiency to brick-and-mortar retailers. The companies are leveraging their respective platforms to radically improve in-store pricing and promotion performance. The combination of Eversight’s AI-powered experimentation applications with Vestcom’s shelf-edge communication solutions ensures that retailers serve their shoppers at optimal price points.

“Our partnership enables retailers to not only save time and minimize cost but also drive sales by leveraging dynamic, optimized pricing. We help them engage shoppers by enhancing in-store communications, or as I like to say, our solutions persuade shoppers to put one more item in the basket,” said John Lawlor, chairman and CEO of Vestcom. “By teaming with Eversight, an innovator in pricing and promotion optimization, we can ensure retailers benefit from the smartest and most efficient shelf-edge capabilities possible, utilizing the shelf-edge communications solutions they already have in place.”

Vestcom has developed a range of innovative solutions to streamline labor-intensive in-store marketing and promotion. The solutions are customized to the store and item level to maximize shopper engagement at the point of decision and ultimately grow retailer sales. Vestcom is the ideal platform for price optimization in combination with the Eversight Pricing Suite, which delivers continuous learning through AI-powered experimentation at the shelf edge.

The Eversight Pricing Suite automatically guides cutting-edge experimentation to test higher and lower prices in balanced store groups. This shelf-edge experimentation reveals true shopper response for each product in each price zone, which can then be used to make rapid and efficient pricing adjustments. This provides a competitive edge, increasing sales and margin as well as delivering a better overall customer experience.

The Vestcom-Eversight partnership empowers retailers to embrace dynamic pricing and advanced capabilities in the face of competition from physical retailers as well as pure-play e-commerce businesses.

“Vestcom’s solutions drive efficient shelf-edge communication and yield industry-leading ROI for retailers and CPGs. Today, retailers can leverage Vestcom with Eversight solutions to create even more value in their stores,” said Eversight co-founder and CEO, Jamie Rapperport. “At a time when retailers are under significant pressure from competitors, as well as the e-commerce channel, they need tools that can help them immediately respond based on relevant, accurate market data. We are delighted to pair Vestcom’s capabilities with Eversight’s AI-powered Pricing Suite to dramatically improve retail performance within this environment.”

To learn more about what Eversight’s Offer Innovation Suite adds to retailers using Vestcom products, please visit http://eversightlabs.com/solutions-retail-pricingsuite/. 

About Vestcom International, Inc. 

Little Rock, Ark.-based Vestcom is the leading provider of technology-enabled shelf-edge solutions for the retail and consumer products industry – delivering proven results and influencing shopper behavior at the point-of-decision for the nation’s top retailers and their suppliers, processing more than three billion price/promotion updates weekly through its production facilities located across the United States. Vestcom’s services benefit retail clients by reducing total cost of ownership, increasing retail sales and coordinating in-store execution with retailers and their brand partners. For more information about Vestcom visit www.vestcom.com 

About Eversight

Eversight is the recognized leader in AI-powered pricing and promotions. Global brands and retailers rely on the Eversight platform to optimize pricing and respond to market conditions, deliver higher ROI on promotional spend, and enable data-driven collaboration on investments. Eversight is generating 10-25% improvement in sales volume at leading customers such as Coca-Cola, Mars, and Molson Coors. Founded in 2013, Eversight is headquartered in Palo Alto, California, with offices in Chicago and New York.