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Eversight Announces Pivotal Partnership with Drug Store Giant Rite Aid

Eversight, the leader in dynamic pricing and promotions, is pleased to announce the expansion of its innovative AI and experimentation platform through a partnership with Rite Aid. The third-largest drug store chain in the United States brings important incremental depth to the Eversight Testing Network.

The Eversight Testing Network includes an assortment of digital and retailer platforms selected to provide broad demographic and geographic coverage. The addition of Rite Aid’s 2,500 stores across 19 states means substantial footprint growth for the retailer arm of the Eversight Testing Network. Brands will be able to test promotions directly with Rite Aid’s 2 million daily customers in-stores during their path to purchase and use Eversight’s Smart Offer Bank to identify top performing offers for the drug channel. The Smart Offer Bank uses proven machine learning and AI to design intelligent tests and incorporates specific brand inputs to adapt to the pricing parameters, long purchase cycles, and stock up products that can make promoting in drug stores challenging.

With an acquisition of Rite Aid locations in 2018, the move to partner with Eversight is ideal. Brands can use testing and experimentation to inform their strategies as their business evolves.

Partnering with Eversight supplies Rite Aid with valuable learnings that reflect current customer preferences and market dynamics in the nuanced drug channel. These insights will equip Rite Aid and its brand partners with targeted and engaging offers to deploy as existing promotions become stale and lose their effectiveness.