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Eversight Announces Strategic Partnership with Key Retailer Food Lion

Eversight, the leading AI and experimentation platform for brands and retailers, is pleased to announce its partnership with Food Lion. Food Lion brings additional breadth to Eversight’s Testing Network as a retail partner serving 10 million customers a week across more than 1,100 stores in 10 states.

The Eversight Testing Network includes a selection of digital and retailer platforms designed to improve brand and retailer collaboration. It allows brands to experiment quickly on a range of platforms to identify their highest performing promotions. To date, over 15,000 offers across 1,500 product groups have been tested and optimized. Platforms in the network have been assembled to provide broad geographic and demographic coverage, and partners are provided with deep technical and on-site support to ensure success.

Using proven machine learning and AI, the Eversight Smart Offer Bank automatically designs and executes intelligent tests with retail and digital partners in the Eversight Testing Network. Brands can provide specific objectives and target segments as inputs to the Smart Offer Bank. Using retailers in the partner network allows brands to quickly move from insight to action on promotional objectives and investments, accelerating in-store deployments and improving joint account planning.

Partnering with Eversight will allow Food Lion to have a shared understanding with brands of promotional objectives and performance. The insights from the Eversight AI and experimentation platform support Food Lion’s goals to improve transparency and joint account planning and will enable Food Lion to have more data-driven collaboration with its brand partners.