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Eversight Featured on Retail TouchPoints!

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  • Retail TouchPoints
  • July 2015

This week, an article penned by our co-founder and CEO, Jamie Rapperport, was featured on Retail TouchPoints. The piece covers an important topic — the most critical omnichannel trends that retailers should be cognizant of over the next couple of years.

The recent rise of omnichannel, or a multi-channel approach to (in this case) retail sales, has often been viewed as a threat to break-and-mortar retailers. To the contrary, online and mobile channels are increasingly enabling retailers to more effectively reach, target, engage and learn about their consumers in ways previously thought impossible. Critically, these channels are enabling offline retailers to offer products that are even more cost-effective at greater scale.
The article, titled “Three Omnichannel Trends Retailers Should Keep An Eye On”, explores three key omnichannel trends that are growing thanks to the rise of digital: online coupons, digital offer testing and context aware promotions.
To read the full article on Retail TouchPoints, please click here.