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Eversight Launches Promotional Guidelines and Compliance Features

Eversight has expanded our Offer Innovation Suiteto include Guidelines and Compliance features, with the direct goal of providing our customers with a forum to generate and distribute dynamic, strategic guidance and insights at the right level – and the visibility to understand where and whether those insights are being deployed. We designed the Offer Innovation Suite to disrupt and improve trade spending in the CPG industry by making it possible to quickly and cost-effectively uncover what offer mechanics drive shopper behavior, and with the release of Guidelines and Compliance features, have amplified the value Eversight testing insights provide to our customers.

We’re really excited about what these new features mean for our customers…and we thought, “What better way to dive in than to hear directly from some of the people who brought them to life?”

Behind the Scenes

Maggie Hao, Senior Product Manager

What did Eversight build into the Guidelines and Compliance features of the Offer Innovation Suite?


There are three key features in the newly released Guidelines and Compliance modules of the Eversight Offer Innovation Suite.

Guideline creation: Eversight experiments uncover promotional offers that resonate most with shoppers and drive business performance. These offers can now be combined with other forms of internal analytics to create promotional guidelines and strategies in the system. Guidelines are created at various levels of aggregation, such as channel or region, based on user preference.

Guideline distribution: The system intelligently surfaces applicable guidelines to sales teams and coaches them toward the best offers for specific products and retailers.

Guideline compliance tracking: Eversight scans in-market events and tracks compliance to all guidelines in the system, which include offer structure, visual, optimal timing, promotional frequency, cross promotion, and minimum promoted price guidelines. The easy-to-use interface coaches users toward compliance issues that may require their attention, and diagnoses the specific items that need adjustment. The compliance module leverages inputs from Nielsen, which enables post event data, and Numerator, which enables offer structure and creative tracking.

We’re particularly excited to bring this capability to our customers, acknowledging that the data integration work we have completed between Nielsen and Numerator is unprecedented and unique to the Eversight Offer Innovation capability. We believe Guidelines and Compliance will allow our customers to broadly scale the performance impacts uncovered through behavioral experimentation with their shoppers. Further, we built these capabilities to make it far easier for consumer goods companies to profitably serve their shoppers with compelling promotions on the right products, at the right place, and the right time, continuously. The Eversight Guidelines and Compliance modules were conceptualized, designed and built on the basis of multiple rounds of customer input.

Mike Bash, VP Customer Success

What value is Eversight bringing to customers through these Guidelines and Compliance features?


With the roll-out of Promotional Guidelines and Compliance, Eversight uniquely supports headquarter teams in defining and communicating precise promotional guidelines by product, retailer, channel and region.   We help our customers move away from national generic guidance to very specific promotional guidance for key retail partners, channels, and geographies around the appropriate discount depth, offer structure, minimum pricing, frequency and more.  Headquarter teams communicate these expectations to the field in an easy-to-digest, digital format and easily keep those expectations up to date so everyone is aligned on what promotions should be in the market.

Field sales teams have the ability to see the corporate guidance recommendations for their customers and can review their performance against those recommendations.  They also have the opportunity to provide feedback and gain incremental sell-in support should that be required.

The Promotional Guidelines and Compliance features allow our customers to constantly monitor their progress against precise promotional guidelines to drive incremental revenue and profit growth for the business.

Feature Tour

We’ve told you all about our newly-released, groundbreaking Guidelines and Compliance features…now it’s time to show you what they look like.

Guidelines Builder:

Creates guidelines for offer structure and buy quantity, visuals, optimal timing, frequency, cross promotions (bundling), and minimum promoted price

Notes and supporting material can be added to each guideline

Incorporates Eversight test results in offer guidance





Guidelines Viewer: 

Surfaces guidelines generated by testing insights for offer structure and buy quantity, visuals, optimal timing, frequency, cross promotions (bundling), and minimum promoted price

Supports a self-service model for field teams to help RGM scale by enabling teams to find relevant insights easily when they need them





Define the product group you’d like to view Guidelines for, the retailer you’d like to see relevant insights for, and whether or not you’re interested in a particular season or holiday









Based on your inputs, the Guidelines Viewer surfaces relevant information on recommended offer structures, offer structures to avoid, opportunities for cross-promotion, cross-promotions to avoid, visual guidance for creative, optimal timing for potential promotions, minimum promoted pricing, and any related attachments or documentation





Compliance Tracking: 

Allows users to aggregate event level data by multiple dimensions, identifying retailers and products with the biggest opportunities for improvement








Compliance to guidelines is tracked and shown weekly at a promotional level

Offer coaching is surfaced where applicable, to provide concrete recommendations for improvement





Pretty cool, right?

The release of these Guidelines and Compliance features elevates what the Eversight Offer Innovation Suite enables CPGs to do with the testing insights that inform their trade spend, both in terms of strategy and execution.

But innovation is never finished, and it’s never achieved alone. We always welcome feedback from our customers as they engage further with the system, and look forward to continuing to innovate the industry together.

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