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Innovation in Grocery Retail: Lessons From Leaders

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  • Progressive Grocer
  • November 2019

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As companies like Amazon get into the grocery business and meal kit services emerge to deliver exactly what customers need straight to their door, a new frontier of competition is taking shape. These disruptions are propelling the physical grocery retail industry into transformation, which will require grocers to get creative, to make adjustments, and to embrace change.

Growth and innovation are often uncomfortable and can be tricky. So, it’s helpful to look at organizations that are leading the charge – in this case, remaking the grocery experience – and take notes.

As the landscape continues to evolve, and online and offline worlds converge, physical grocery retailers will need to do more to attract and retain customers. But that’s where it gets exciting – real opportunity is open for retailers to elevate what it means to go grocery shopping, to be a food consumer, and to be a responsible consumer. With a little creativity, and a little more investment, retail grocery will not only transform; it will thrive.

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