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Launch of New Eversight Dashboards to Maximize Promotion ROI and Drive Trade Strategy

We’re excited to announce the latest release from Eversight which features a refreshed user experience and new dashboards designed to maximize the ROI from promotional spend. No one can match Eversight’s expertise in experimentation and AI as they relate to promotions. This release adds more focus on integrating with our customers’ existing processes and supports the development of a holistic trade strategy.

The new user experience is designed to make it easier for Revenue Management teams and sales teams with an intuitive flow that guides users to the next action, and quick views to easily digest and communicate key metrics.  The dashboards and analytics are based on best practices for how leading consumer goods manufacturers have effectively created and optimized promotion guidelines. In fact, many of our customers have evolved from more general trade guidance and have developed more prescriptive and precise promotion guidelines. These “Precise Promotion Guidelines” have become a cornerstone of trade strategy by outlining detailed recommendations that help sales teams inform all aspects of a promotion including appropriate discount, offer structure, buy quantity, image, and language. Eversight’s AI and experimentation platform not only supports the creation of Precise Promotion Guidelines but also helps teams specifically track compliance and impact of the guidelines.

Specifically, the new dashboards enable users to:

  • Assess Eversight testing coverage and impact
  • Focus on highest potential opportunities and execute on recommended next steps
  • Promote sell-in of insights and measure results

The homepage provides a quick snapshot of the incremental value created by Eversight optimized promotions (and how many are in market). Users can also drill into interactive dashboards that show promotional testing coverage and recommended next steps.


The testing coverage chart is an intuitive way to track testing progress as part of promotional planning, ensuring that promotions are regularly tested and optimized for effectiveness (avoiding “stale” promotions that have lost impact over time).


The dashboard displays the largest potential value drivers and opportunities for testing and optimization. It can be viewed by category (shown above) or by retailer.  From these dashboards, users can easily drill into recommended next actions by Retailer or Product Category.  For example, users can easily scan:

  • Opportunities: Identify the most valuable testing opportunities
  • Recommendations: Summarizes insights on optimized offers and provides next steps
  • Activations: Shows optimized offers scheduled or activated in stores, and incremental value generated

Additional views and click-throughs provide the needed details, analytics, and insights to develop promotional guidelines and monitor in-store activations of optimized offers. And, even more importantly, these new dashboards and views help Revenue Management teams ensure sales teams are following promotional recommendations and help quantify the impact and value of promotional guidelines.

To see the Eversight Dashboards in action, reach out to your Sales Director or sales@eversightlabs.com for more information.