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NRF Day 3: Parting Thoughts From the Big Show

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  • Progressive Grocer
  • January 2020

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The National Retail Federation’s (NRF) Big Show wound down on Tuesday the same way it started Sunday. Thousands of retailers jammed onto the show floor of New York’s Javits Center looking to discover a competitive advantage.

Aside from a general observation about how solution providers convey the features and benefits of technology, Progressive Grocer’s parting thoughts from Day 3 of NRF highlighted content from a Big Ideas session hosted by Eversight Co-founder David Moran and Raley’s President and CEO Keith Knopf.

“Data accuracy: A current, correct and complete data set is the starting point for the development of retailers’ insights-driven sales strategies. Accordingly, data harmonization and integration are challenges many a tech provider purports to solve. Pricing and promotion solutions provider Eversight’s co-founder David Moran notes that only with clean data and machine learning is it possible to quickly analyze millions of permutations that lead to optimal decision-making. “We have to understand what is meaningful to the customer and work back from there,” said Keith Knopf, president and CEO of Raley’s. “Eversight has allowed us to drive share gains through unit growth and optimize margin dollars.”


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