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Offer Innovation: An Animated Overview

For brands and retailers alike, promotional calendars have traditionally been built on a backward-looking basis using historic data. Promotions that ‘worked’ the previous year are slotted in, and over time shoppers adjust to expect the same repetitive offers. Promotions are a key part of your value proposition, yet shoppers are continuously exposed to this ‘sea of sameness’. Eversight’s Offer Innovation Suite is built to leverage automation and artificial intelligence to uncover better performing promotions in current market dynamics via real-world experimentation, unlocking the ability to continuously learn from shoppers and break the ‘sea of sameness’ cycle. The Offer Innovation Suite automatically senses when promotions have gone stale, recommends promotions optimized for your trade and marketing strategies, and continuously monitors market dynamics to maximize ROI – streamlining trade management for your teams and maximizing their time.