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People of Eversight – Jack Wang

Skilled Software Engineer. De Facto Lawyer. Athlete.

Meet Jack Wang, Software Engineer at Eversight.

As a backend Software Engineer at Eversight, Jack is involved in every stage of software development, from dev-ops to managing infrastructure to creating staging builds to managing application upgrades.

From a technical perspective, he builds out the database schema, creates endpoints to communicate with the UI, and implements business logic in the application to drive the UI forward. But building an innovative software that’s designed to change the way an entire industry works means Jack’s day-to-day goes far beyond the technical aspects of engineering.

As Eversight’s application grows, Jack investigates performance and scalability issues. When a performance issue is identified, he investigates the cause and optimizes the backend code to address bottlenecks that might lead to delays or implement integrations that better serve growing data. He works closely with Eversight customers’ data, identifying and resolving data feed issues, loading and storing data, and writing business logic for integration into Eversight’s application. This often requires close cross-functional coordination.

“I’m always working with the team to build a scalable and robust application that drives the core business of the company.”

Jack’s passion for logic serves him well in his role at Eversight, but he applies it outside the office in equal measure. He wanted to be a detective or a lawyer when he was younger, and now in his spare time he represents friends and family in small claims court, volunteers with an organization called CASA to work with the juvenile court system to provide mentorship and companionship to kids in the foster care system, and has seen every episode of Law and Order (including the spin offs!).

And because Jack lives life on ‘expert’ level, he’s also an avid athlete. He plays in a weekend basketball league where his team just finished 8thout of 30, runs a few half marathons every year (like the Rock and Roll San Jose half), and is always trying something new. Recently he’s spent time honing his skills in tennis, archery, climbing, swimming, and skiing!

Whether it’s in the office, the court room, or the gym, Jack is a force to be reckoned with.


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