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People of Eversight – Kevin Hsieh

Powerhouse Engineer. Philanthropist. Actor.

Meet Kevin Hsieh, VP of Engineering at Eversight.

As the Vice President of Engineering, Kevin never has the same day twice! From the intricacy of coding to cross-functional coordination to customer interactions, Kevin oversees the complex network that makes up the foundation of Eversight’s Offer Innovation and Retail Pricing products.

While often writing code himself, Kevin is also frequently reviewing the code of other engineers and conducting meetings to work through technical issues. But engineering at an innovative startup goes far beyond code.

For Kevin, that often means working with Eversight’s product management team to discuss and scope upcoming features, coordinating with Eversight’s customer success team to address customer issues or collect user feedback, and interviewing candidates looking to join the team. In short, Kevin is a jack-of-all trades who doesn’t hesitate to dive in and get things done.

“I view my job as doing whatever is needed to help the team be more effective.”

And Kevin applies that willingness to help in all parts of his life, often getting involved in volunteer work and disaster relief. In recent years, he’s participated in earthquake relief efforts in Haiti, township aid in Africa, and survivor support after the 2017 Sonoma County fires.

In addition to his altruistic approach, Kevin’s unique ability to wear a thousand hats also translates to his life outside the office. Lately he’s been a carpenter, building furniture like a sofa and an indoor basketball hoop, and a musician, playing the ukulele at a local nursing home. Before becoming a dad, Kevin moonlighted as an actor, appearing in 11 mainstage productions and various other readings around the Bay Area. He submitted an audition tape for Crazy Rich Asians, so maybe you’ll see him on the big screen for the sequel! When he’s not creating the future of Eversight’s software, he can be found creating just about anything else.

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