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People of Eversight – Lynn Murphy

Wildly Talented Engineer. Photographer. Artist.

Meet Lynn Murphy, Software Engineer at Eversight.


As the User Interface lead software engineer, Lynn sets the technical direction for the user interfaces of Eversight’s products. That means researching technologies, implementing framework patterns and components, and setting code standards. It sounds very technical, but Lynn’s favorite thing about being an engineer is getting to be creative.

“There is creativity in analyzing a problem, developing ideas to solve it, and determining which solutions are the most effective. From deciding which features and functionality to build…to writing efficient and well-structured code – it’s all a creative process.”

Lynn takes that same creative and analytical approach to her involvement in Eversight’s product design process, collaborating with our product management and design teams to determine the functionality and user experience for all user-facing product features.

But Lynn isn’t just a powerhouse at the office. When she’s not busy mentoring other developers, she transfers both her coding and her creative skillsets to her free time – right now she’s working on translating some of her analog skills to the digital art realm! She’s even built a website¬†showcasing her travel and photography; she’s taken a photograph a day since January 1, 2010.

Whether it’s working at Eversight or trotting the globe, Lynn is continuously in pursuit of her passions for learning, exploring, and creative development…not necessarily in that order, sometimes done together.

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