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People of Eversight – Maggie Hao

Cutting-Edge Product Manager. Outdoor Enthusiast. MBA Student.

As the Senior Product Manager leading Eversight’s Offer Innovation product, Maggie creates the roadmap that brings to life new features and functionalities that excite and support our customers. Cool job, right?

But it’s not always a straightforward process; being a Product Manager at an innovative company working to disrupt an entire industry requires analysis, pattern matching, cross-functional collaboration, and a whole lot of intuition. Although she originally thought she’d be a psychologist, Maggie’s keen interest in understanding people and what motivates them is invaluable to her success in managing all the different pieces (and people) that come together during product development.

“At Eversight, I work with some of the smartest and most down-to-Earth people that I know – people that feel like family – to change the future of CPG and retail.”

And if we had to describe Maggie, that’s exactly what we’d say.

Maggie is often digging in to collect feedback when defining new features and scoping out the steps required to turn them into reality. A big part of that is interacting with customers, from finding out what might make our application even more valuable for them to helping them discover what exactly it is that they need. For Maggie, that’s the fun part – but bringing ideas to fruition is also super satisfying.

Maggie’s love of exploring (and working to change) the world isn’t exclusive to her day job – when she’s not in the office or studying for her MBA(!), you can find her hiking the parks and forests of California, skiing, taking road trips, and traveling. Locally she’s been enjoying the green hills and wild flowers the recent rains have brought to the Bay area, and beyond that she just got back from a trip to Tahiti! From new countries to new features, Maggie is always discovering something.

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