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People of Eversight – Mark Anderson

Experienced Customer Success Manager. Outdoorsman. Carpenter.

Meet Mark Anderson, Customer Success Manager at Eversight.

As a manager in Retail Operations, Mark works with retailers to ensure that Eversight’s pricing and promotion optimization software is operating at peak levels of performance.

He’s involved with our partner retailers from the very beginning – conducting discovery to determine how to integrate Eversight software into their existing systems and business processes, bringing customer feedback to product and engineering teams to brainstorm how to improve our software, performing ongoing data analysis to continuously elevate our understanding of our customers’ businesses, and reporting out results. In short, Mark does it all.

Although he originally thought he’d be a math teacher, Mark instead transferred his love of numbers and problem solving to business analytics. He regularly partners with our data science team to develop how Eversight interprets complex commercial data, and then successfully translates the resulting detailed analytics to impactful insights for retailers.

“Eversight is an exciting place to work, where you’re constantly solving interesting problems with super smart people from all the different business functions.”

Mark’s ability to interpret something complex and turn it into something functional isn’t exclusive to what he does in the office; Mark is also a talented carpenter! Since he and his wife Chrissy purchased their home he’s built their living room cabinetry and their dining room table, and for his family’s homemade gift exchange last year he created a wooden calendar. Also an avid camper, Mark can often be found enjoying the great outdoors with his wife and 20-month old daughter Lily.

From standing up retail customers to home improvement projects, Mark has a knack for digging in and creating a successful end product. Now if only he could ensure success for his favorite sports team, the University of Michigan…

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