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Eversight Feature: POI EPx Vendor Panorama

Promotion Optimization Institute awards Eversight Best-in-Class distinctions in HQ Analytics & Insights, External Collaboration, and TPO Ergonomics


The POI research team has released their annual Enterprise Planning Vendor Panorama for 2021, which includes a feature on Eversight.  POI evaluated Eversight, along with several other leading vendors, to help manufacturers and retailers understand technology and related service options that can help improve promotional outcomes and drive profitable growth.

Eversight’s AI-powered, experimentation-based revenue management software solution (Offer Innovation) was evaluated across multiple categories, including data management, analytics, user experience, and key differentiators (among others). When providing an outlook and prognosis for Eversight based on this analysis, POI concludes that:

“Eversight is classified in the POI report as TPO, but they have effectively changed the game in that the delivery of recommendation is based upon actual testing of the promotion with consumers.”

“Eversight has a very unique offering in the market…We see Eversight continuing to grow and help manufacturers solve problems around what works in the market. Additionally, their ability to be agile is an asset during times of uncertainty, such as what the industry has experienced with COVID. They are uniquely able to help retailers develop a plan for the future in the midst of what seems to be an unpredictable time.”

“The opportunity to impact retail execution and Retailer relationships as a result of the Advantage partnership is a completely unique differentiator and will help ensure mutually impactful programs are executed at retail. POI sees the Advantage partnership as a tremendous catalyst for growth for Eversight.”

POI’s EPx Vendor Panorama also identifies Best-In-Class categories to draw attention to how critical various capabilities are to manufacturers and solution providers, as well as to provide benchmarks for evaluating how different capabilities can create competitive advantages as part of  holistic enterprise planning. Eversight was awarded Best-In-Class distinction in three such categories, HQ Analytics & Insights, External Collaboration and TPO Ergonomics.

  • POI Best-In-Class HQ Analytics & Insights: [Eversight ] provides HQ pricing and promotion analytics and optimization.
    [Eversight response] Eversight provides a real-time read on shopper behavior, enabling headquarters teams to agilely inform go-to-market strategies and improve the guidance that exists within the stability of annual planning processes. HQ teams can log into the Eversight software and understand at a glance better performing promotions that are resonating with their shoppers, the landscape of their in-market execution, and opportunities to coach teams or conduct experimentation.
    Eversight consolidates and integrates insights from experimentation and organizational data (like syndicated sources and TPM calendars) to provide a shared synthesis of the truth across holistic enterprise planning and a shared understanding of what will drive growth, powering processes that instill agility across strategies and teams so that both can evolve with shoppers. POI has identified Eversight as the only solution doing this work with manufacturers’ data.
  • POI Best-In-Class External Collaboration: [Eversight] enables collaboration between manufacturer and retailer, including retail execution connectivity.
    [Eversight response] Eversight maps multiple data sources together to automatically scan and visualize the in-market event landscape, resulting in shopper data that serves as a shared source of truth between brand and retail partners and creates a bridge between Sales and Marketing. This streamlined information enables quicker alignment on priorities – in JBP meetings and beyond.
    Eversight’s unique AI-powered, experimentation-based approach to promotions further amplifies collaboration between partners by enabling brands and retailers to continuously uncover and execute mutually beneficial initiatives with proven performance.
    Manufacturers and retailers leverage Eversight to work toward common goals throughout the promotion planning process, enabling partners to consistently activate the most powerful consumer offers.
  • POI Best-In-Class TPO Ergonomics: [Eversight eases] complexity of constraints, objectives and simulation involved with TPO with intuitive process that lead to greater insights and actionable results.
    [Eversight response] Eversight’s consumer-grade user interface provides an intuitive, easy-to-use vehicle for end-to-end revenue management. Users are guided through the process of designing and executing experiments for promotion optimization and then served the resulting insights and recommendations in a context-aware, digestible format. The software also includes an instinctive platform for building, managing, and communicating guidelines directly to teams, as well as tracking execution compliance with relevant guidance.
    Eversight’s solutions are thoughtfully designed to be effective “coaches” for users by streamlining the nuanced, complicated insights, tasks, and processes that make up revenue management – providing the hyper-relevant precision and agility of AI-powered experimentation and the necessary market control critical to success during a period of unprecedented volatility.

About Eversight:
Eversight is the recognized leader in AI-powered pricing and promotions. Global brands and retailers rely on the Eversight platform to optimize pricing in response to market conditions and to deliver higher ROI on promotional spend. Eversight’s Retail Pricing Suite and Offer Innovation Suite solutions are driving strong margin and sales volume improvements for leading companies such as Coca-Cola, Frito-Lay, Raley’s, and Walgreens. Founded in 2013, Eversight is headquartered in Palo Alto.
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