Offer Innovation SuiteTM for Consumer Goods

Powered by AI & Experimentation

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Your competitors, your retailers, and your shoppers have changed. Isn’t it time to change your approach to trade promotions strategy as well?

A change from managing trade and marketing spend to managing its' effectiveness. From internally focused tools to technology that responds to actual shopper behavior. From focusing on what worked in the past to knowing what will work tomorrow. From the “sea of sameness” – of uniform and tired promotions - to promotions that surprise and delight.

Eversight changes the game. The Eversight AI and Experimentation platform automatically senses when promotions have “gone stale,” recommends promotions optimized for your trade and marketing strategies, and continuously monitors market dynamics to maximize ROI. 

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Senses market dynamics, analyzes promotion performance and identifies what offers need to be optimized.
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AI recommends offer variants based on likelihood of success. Automatically generates and formats offers for intelligent experimentation.
Dynamically tests offers with real shoppers through the Eversight Testing Network of retailer load-to-card systems, mobile apps, online coupons, social platforms and more.
AI identifies winning offers and measures incremental value created.
Builds a smart offer bank of promotions that can be used to inform precision promotion guidelines by customer, market and geography.
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Confidently activate new offers in store through circulars, TPRs, loyalty programs, email campaigns and more.
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Tracks in-market performance of promotions and compliance with guidelines and allows for comparison against the competition.

Smart Offer Bank and Market Sensing

The Eversight Smart Offer Bank senses what promotions are in market and uses AI to identify potentially higher-performing offers. It automatically kicks-off “micro-tests” of these alternative offers with real shoppers through digital platforms such as retailer load-to-card systems, mobile apps, online coupons and social. The result? Winning offers are identified in 7-10 days, so you can confidently activate more effective promotions in-store.

Recommendations and Dashboards

Hone in on the highest potential opportunities to optimize with Eversight Recommendations & Dashboards. Identify which promotional events at which retailers, channels and regions matter most. See which customer teams are effective at selling in Eversight recommendations. Measure impact of those optimized promotions via integrated POS and syndicated data feeds. Built-in recommendations “coach” users and provide the insights and sell-in materials to make faster decisions.

Precise Promotion
Guidelines leveraging AI

Move from vague promotional guidance to specific recommendations you can activate by retailer, channel and region. Eversight’s AI based “Precision Promotion Guidelines” capability automatically generates guidelines based upon Smart Offer Bank testing. Automatically track compliance with market sensing data, to know which teams are performing within the recommended guidelines. Use Team Scorecard reports to identify and execute corrective actions.


While promotion optimization has historically focused on mass promotions, budgets are shifting to personalized offers to leverage new technologies and boost effectiveness. With Eversight you can vary individual elements of a promotion - the image, call to action, quantity, and discount depth – to find what resonates with a specific audience. Get the right offers to the right target audiences to drive growth versus subsidizing your base with mass promotions.

Post Event Analysis

Know which promotions worked and which didn’t with a combination of pre-built third-party data feeds and post-event analytics. Understand performance of individual events and the impact of each promotional mechanic. Automate a standardized approach to measure effectiveness and ROI. As new promotions from the Smart Offer Bank are deployed, incremental value is calculated from in-store results. Instead of waiting weeks, easily access detailed, real-time reporting to inform business results.