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Powered by AI & Experimentation

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For brick and mortar retailers, price optimization has traditionally been all about historical regression, and rules engines that tried to manage price gaps to competition. It wasn’t great, but it was the only game in town.

At Eversight, we recognized that AI driven experimentation at the shelf-edge enables a far better approach. Shelf-edge experimentation unlocks the ability to continuously learn from real shoppers and applies this intelligence to driving dramatically better results across the retail pricing lifecycle. The result is simple - smarter prices and promotions, and more profit. And, it’s delivered through a complete Pricing Suite that empowers merchants to make faster, better decisions.

Bringing AI & Rapid Experimentation to Retail

Eversight Pricing Suite

Competitive Price Feeds

Senses market changes and helps guide experimentation

Floors & Ceilings

Provides guard rails to keep prices in bounds

Digital Experimentation

Tests higher and lower prices in balanced store groups

Goal Optimization

Balances sales and margin for each product to achieve objectives most efficiently


Eversight helps you avoid a race to the bottom. AI and experimentation determine when you should chase competitors’ price changes, and when you shouldn’t. You’ll know which SKUs really are “key value items,” and what price gaps make sense vs. the competition for your customers.

And Eversight’s Pricing Suite has the ability to run shelf-edge experiments by integrating with both paper-based intra-day price change processes or electronic shelf labels.


The market is changing, and your shoppers are changing – so why shouldn’t your promotions? Let Eversight recommend the right product and promotions based on your sales and margin objectives and your customers’ preferences. 

The Eversight Pricing Suite analyzes current performance, uses AI to recommend winning promotions, kicks-off “micro-tests” of different variants with shoppers, and integrates the winning promotions into your calendar.

Yield Management

Shape demand with AI-led experimentation, not rules or historical models. Eversight gives you real-time, real world data to drive your markdown and clearance pricing. And because it can be as fine grained as you want, your moves are never bigger than they need to be given your supply situation.

The result is simple – more profit, with more certainty, every day, in every store.


Existing loyalty approaches do a great job of matching customers to products. We think that’s only part of the loyalty puzzle – the other key question is what offer will get them to buy?

Eversight leverages AI and experimentation to answer this question precisely, at the level of segment granularity that makes sense for your business. And because our approach to loyalty is fully automated, taking it to the next level doesn’t mean more work for your team.