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Could Your Best Offers Be Better?

How to Avoid Trade Promotion Decay and the Risk of Repetition.

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All promotions become less effective over time. So, how can you develop an effective trade promotion plan when decay is inevitable? The simple answer: real-world experimentation.

Using AI and real-world experimentation your teams can quickly find and fix underperforming promotions that are hurting your performance. Pressure to grow your business is constant, as is the fear of changing promotional strategy, but experimentation allows you to identify data-backed promotions that you can roll out at scale with confidence.


1. When an offer becomes habitual for a shopper

2. How the effectiveness of an offer declines over time based on a mix of factors – and what you can do about it

3. Two real-life case studies of leading CPG companies leaving behind traditional, regression-based methods for AI-experimentation – and winning

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